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What are the most neglected parts of your body? The ear is one of the most visible yet neglected body parts by humans, well, until the discomfort is caused by excessive earwax in the ears that warrants you to clean or remove it with the closest thing possible; some people even use matchsticks as a substitute!

However, debates have been ongoing on when and how you should clean your ears. In addition, some means of cleaning have been proven to be risky such as earbuds which can damage your eardrum if you apply too much pressure, among other negative impacts.

What then is recommendable and safer for use in earwax removal? Read on to find out.

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Tvidler Earwax Cleaner Review

This cleaner is an earwax cleaning tool specially designed to ensure effective inside ear cleaning without causing any form of discomfort. It is an easy to use tool with an ergonomically designed handle for a good grip, while the cleaning end (the tip) is washable and soft enough for comfortable cleaning.

What makes this instrument stand out is its inability to cause injuries while thoroughly cleaning the ear. How?

The manufactures ensure the measurements are of the standard ear, and the cleaners go inside but do not tap or touch the fragile parts of the ear, such as the eardrum. Moreover, it has a spiral tip that cleans your ears while preventing any further dispositions inside the ear.

Why should you clean your ears?

According to specialists, the ears clean themselves excellently; hence, you don’t need to clean them. This statement mainly applies to the most inner part of your ear canal. You need to pay more attention to the outside of the year; the dirt here is mainly made up of tiny dead skin articles and should be cleaned using a damp cloth. The particles are ordinary due to the constant skin renewal. Still, the cleaning is necessary to prevent the buildup of the particles and any other bacteria that may have inhabited those folded sections of your outer ear. You can use cotton swabs to clean these parts but do not insert them inside your ears.

It is worth noting that cerumen (earwax) is essential and standard to your ears as it lubricates and protects your ears, lack of which can lead to dry and itchy ears. In addition, the earwax has antibacterial properties and helps keep out foreign and harmful components such as dirt by trapping it. Cleaning the inner part of your ears should not be done on a regular basis. It is only an option when you need to soften the earwax buildup or reduce it when you feel that it is in excess. Too much earwax buildup can also lead to severe damage and thus may need the help of a specialist. It is advisable to clean the ear once in a while to reduce the accumulated earwax that can lead to cerumen impaction and give you the level of comfort you require.

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Features of the Tvidler Earwax Cleaner

The Tvidler Earwax Cleaner has the following specifications and features:

  • Ergonomically designed: The tool is ergonomically designed to ensure comfort to any user while handling it with a firm grip that prevents it from constantly falling off your fingers during use.
  • Durable and long-lasting: It is made from premium, high-quality plastic that lasts a long time.
  • Reusable: The tip is washable thus can be reused, saving you on costs you would have otherwise spent buying other ear cleaning materials.
  • All-round effective cleaning: The spiral tip at the cleaning end is cone-shaped to remove dirt on the canal walls.
  • Silicone soft tip: The silicone material on the tip is soft to ensure you do not experience discomfort when cleaning and prevent you from getting injuries.
  • Eco-friendly: Thanks to its longevity, it does not contribute to the plastic waste constantly being thrown out, such as Q-tips and cotton swabs that are disposed of, which each use.

Benefits of Using the Tvidler Earwax Cleaner

This earwax cleaning instrument gives the following advantages over other tools:

  • The uniform thickness of the tip ensures you properly clean the ears (360-degree protection), unlike those with more comprehensive tips that tend to push the dirt further instead of removing it.
  • The tool serves you for a long time due to its durable, high-quality plastic and silicone tip.
  • The package comes with at least six interchangeable heads that are easy to wash and replace.
  • The Tvidler is comfortable to hold and utilize.
  • It is travel-friendly since it is small, lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • The instrument is hygienic and has no side effects after use.

How to use the cleaner safely

The tool is easy to use and safe for both toddlers (under supervision) and adults. The first step is ensuring you have a good grip of the handle and identifying where the cleaning tip should be. Attach the clean silicone firmly and precisely to the handle; failure to do so will see it fall off during use.

Hold your ear with one up, pulling the auricle up gently. Insert the tip of your cleaner into the ear canal gently and carefully. Do this step while rotating side to side as you continue getting deeper into the ear but not too profound. As you burrow through the accumulated earwax, this rotating motion collects wax on the spiral grooves/spaces.

Once you feel satisfied, gently pull out your cleaner and then change, throw, or wash off the wax collected. If you feel unsatisfied, you can change the tip and continue gently with the same tips until you notice the difference. Ensure your cleaning procedure of the tool is thorough; otherwise, you will bring in more dirt and bacteria instead of removing it. It is advisable to clean the tool before and after use as a precautionary measure.

Hygiene is very imperative and is the main goal of cleaning your ears. You can clean the tip or the whole tool using running water. It would help if you did this after removing the dirt picked up by the spiral grooves, using cotton or a soft cloth.

Practices you need to avoid when cleaning your ears

Using your fingers to removable is inadvisable as this kind of digging into the ear has now been substantially proven to cause damage to the ears and even Tinnitus in the long run. Do not use sharp objects to clean your ears, such as matchsticks, bobby pins and Q-tips; they can cause perforated eardrums and even blockage. In case of a massive buildup, do not attempt to clean up yourself but instead go to the doctor immediately.

Customer Reviews on Tvidler

The cleaning device removes earwax, dirt and hair from the ear more effectively than cotton swabs. Contrary to cotton swabs, which are made for different purposes and tend to leave cotton inside the ear or even push the dirt further inside, the Tvidler is specially designed for the ears and feels so much better, with the results readily visible on the spiral grooves. One feels freer and fresher after using the cleaner. The manufacturers and sellers have outstanding customer service in place that allows for return if the instrument was defective upon purchase.

The Tvidler is, however, more expensive compared to the cotton swabs but are more cost-effective on a long term period due to their reusability and washable features. Moreover, they have a refund policy where you can get a refund in thirty days from the purchase date if proven ineffective. You will, however, be charged a 15% restocking fee. Tvidler is a much safer and effective cleaning formula for ears in very ways compared to other basic methods.

With this tool, you can teach young children to be self-sufficient as you no longer need to worry about them injuring themselves with the everyday sharp objects that people are used to. The soft silicone feature is ideal for them as you are entirely sure they can easily navigate the ear on their own even if you are away without irritation.


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Final thought

Proper ear care is critical in keeping you healthy and preventing problems such as bacterial infections and even hearing loss in the long run. The Tvidler is a cost-effective, durable and safe tool to help you clean your ears, but ear care does not end there. For this reason, you need to take the following steps, in addition to ensuring the general safety and health of your ears:

  • Go for medical ear checkups regularly by your doctor and an audiologist.
  • When participating in extreme sports such as skiing and rocker blading, always wear a helmet.
  • Wear earplugs or Swallow and yawn often during your flights, especially during takeoff and landing.
  • Use sunscreen on your ears during hot weather conditions.
  • Have ear protection in areas with loud noises.

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