Certification of Vendor Equipment

Certification of Vendor Equipment

Cable Europe manages a stringent certification and qualification programme.


Equipment such as cable modems and set top boxes, but also network devices that are labelled with the Cable Europe Labs logo (or previously EuroCableLabs logo) can easily be integrated in cable networks that operate according to standardized cable technology such as EuroDOCSIS and EuroPacketCable.

The Cable Europe certification programme provides the industry a unique instrument to improve the interoperability of products for cable systems and to verify the compliance of new vendor products to the applicable European cable technology specifications.

Certification Programme

Vendors submit their products to the Cable Europe programme to undergo rigorous and comprehensive testing against the requirements of the specifications. After careful evaluation of the test results, the Certification Board of Cable Europe  – appointed by its members and composed of representatives of European MSOs – awards certification and qualification. In turn, this may be used by vendors to demonstrate the conformance and interoperability of their products.

Certification programmes are set up for products and devices complying with one of the following sets of standards:

  • EuroDOCSIS
  • EuroPacketCable
  • EuroPacketCable Multimedia

Certification Waves

The Cable Europe certification programme is organised in certification waves (ECW). They are scheduled typically four times a year. Each certification wave consists of the following steps:

1. Interop
The first week of the certification wave is focused on interoperability testing. Equipment manufacturers are invited to verify the interoperability of their products with those of other manufacturers. They register with Cable Europe using the appropriate registration forms to gain access to the lab facilities.

2. ATP run
In the ATP run (1 week), the opportunity is offered to vendors to have selected acceptance tests executed similar to those executed during actual product certification. Registration is required for the ATP run, and a fee will be charged according to the extent of testing that is requested to be performed.

3. Certification testing
A product is officially submitted to the certification wave by sending the appropriate registration forms to Cable Europe. The conformance of the product against the requirements of the specification is tested. The certification test period takes place under exclusion of the product suppliers.

4. Evaluation of results and feedback
The evaluation of the results of certification testing is embedded into a series of meetings. During the vendor briefing manufacturers are provided with general feedback, planning for the subsequent wave and general information on the Cable Europe certification programme. The Cable Europe Certification Board meeting – exlusively attended by the members of the Board – award certification/qualification to the submitted product based on a detailed evaluation of the test results. Individual feedback on the test results and the determinations of the Certification Board are provided to the submitting companies by means of a conference call and follow-up e-mail conversations with the testing experts.

For CPE products it is also possible to submit a product outside a certification wave by using a ‘Flexible submission’. For more information please refer to the Guidelines.

Cable Europe certified and qualified equipment is fully tested to be functional in compliance with the industry specifications for cable technologies (also see Specs & Standards).

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