Technology Advocacy

Cable Europe acts as the centre of technological advocacy for our members that serve 76 million TV, broadband and telephony customers in Europe.

We promote technical collaboration among operators on issues including EU & international standardisation and certification of vendor equipment . We form the home of Europe’s cable industry interests and play an active role in ensuring wide deployment of the latest technologies to ever changing consumer needs.

We keep up to date with the latest trends and developments in technology and align these with regulatory requirements.

We also do certification testing. This lab-based analysis forms an essential part of ensuring that new technologies are examined carefully before going to market. Operators can be confident that new products interoperate when introduced into the market.

CableLabs announced in August 2013 its global expansion which included the transition of part of Cable Europe Labs’ activities to CableLabs. Cable Europe is now closely colaborating with CableLabs towards the common goal of innovative solutions to meet the current and future needs of cable subscribers on a global scale.

For general information on architecture, technical features and services of integrated broadband and cable TV networks please have a look at the Cable Handbook (1.3 MB).

Specifications and Standards

For the benefit and convenience of our members and of the whole cable community, Cable Europe provides below a selection of specifications and standards that are relevant to deploying and operating HFC networks. We make the library available for information only. We must decline any responsibility for the correct selection, its completeness or the relevance of a particular document. Neither does Cable Europe assume any liability for any error or omission. For authoritative information please refer directly to the sources of the documents as indicated.

Whenever possible the documents are provided as links to the external source, thus, ensuring that the latest version is referenced. Please report broken links to Cable Europe.

Specifications and standards are provided in the following categories:

  • EuroDOCSIS
  • EuroPacketCable
  • Wireless
  • General information, network architecture and infrastructure components


EuroDOCSIS Downstream RF Interface (DRF)


EuroPacketCable Cellular Integration

EuroDOCSIS Downstream RF Interface (DRF)