Sat Cab trilogue “blatantly flouts principles of Better Regulation” says industry body

Sat Cab trilogue “blatantly flouts principles of Better Regulation” says industry body
09/10/2018 Carol Ward

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Brussels, 09 October 2018: The 4th trilogue on the proposed Sat Cab regulation[1] ended last night with a deal being reached on most of the provisions, including direct injection. Direct injection is a process by which a broadcaster’s TV signal can be transmitted to the distributor.

The rules governing direct injection were not, however, ever part of the Commission’s original proposals or their own impact assessment.  Therefore, the inclusion of these provisions in the final legal act is in obvious contravention of the inter-institutional agreement on better law-making of 13 April 2016.

Said Matthias Kurth, Executive Chairman of Cable Europe “This outcome is a severe blow to the EU’s Better Regulation principles.  These state clearly and unequivocally that impact assessments should cover the existence, scale and consequences of a problem and the question of whether any action is needed at European level.  This has, quite simply, not taken place.

“As a result we now find ourselves with an outcome which blatantly flouts the principles of Better Regulation.  An impact assessment would have clearly illustrated the fact that these new provisions will complicate even further an already hugely complex copyright system.”

[1] Proposal for a regulation laying down rules on the exercise of copyright and related rights applicable to certain online transmissions of broadcasting organisations and retransmissions of television and radio programmes


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Cable Europe’s position on direct injection is here.

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