Portability of Cable TV subscription in the EU to become reality

Portability of Cable TV subscription in the EU to become reality
08/06/2017 Carol Ward

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Trade association welcomes new rules as “significant step forward for consumers”

(Brussels, 8 June 2017) Cable Europe today welcomed the adoption of new rules (1) which will enable cable customers to access their cable subscription, their favourite TV show or live football match whilst on the move abroad.

The new rules form part of the Digital Single Market Strategy, and were first set out by the European Commission eighteen months ago.  The Commission’s stated aim was to address the problem that consumers were often prevented, on grounds of copyright, from accessing content services when travelling abroad which they can already consume whilst on the go in their home country.

Cable Europe has long advocated a proportionate “portability” of services, arguing that technology is capable of satisfying consumer demand but that a lack of legal clarity has prevented operators from doing so.  The association has also advocated strongly for a balanced solution, which would acknowledge the delicate ecosystem of funding which exists in the creative industries and respect the legitimate interests of rights holders.

Said Caroline van Weede, Managing Director of Cable Europe: “Cable operators know that the portability of content both within and across borders is something that our customers want to enjoy.  With so much of our connected lives taking place on the move, it seems only logical that our entertainment should follow suit.  We’re extremely pleased to see a first step in the right direction with the portability provisions green-lit today by the Council today.”

A customer travelling abroad will benefit from this new regulation only if he can already port the content in the country where he resides.  This is not always the case because of complex rights clearance.

Another EU regulation (2) is currently being examined by the European Parliament and the Council that will make it easier for cable operators to clear these out-of-home rights within a given Member State.  Once this second regulation is passed, cable customers will be able to travel with their content both within and across borders in the EU.

Notes to Editors

  • Proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council ensuring the cross-border portability of online content services in the internal market (9 December 2015). This regulation was approved by the European Parliament in first reading on 18 May 2017 and by the Council of the EU on 8 June 2017. The rules will apply nine months after publication in the EU Official Journal. Under the new provisions, service providers will offer, at no additional cost, portable online content services to   subscribers who are temporarily present in a Member State other than their Member State of residence.
  • Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down rules on the exercise of copyright and related rights applicable to certain online transmission of broadcasting organisations and retransmissions of television and radio programmes (14 September 2016). The first reading of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU is underway.


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