Digital Single Market


The Digital Single Market (DSM) Strategy was launched by the Commission in May 2015 in the form of a Communication. The Strategy, which is one of the top priorities of Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, is structured around three pillars: (1) better access for consumers and businesses to digital goods and services across Europe, (2) creating the right conditions and a level playing field for digital networks and innovative services to flourish and (3) maximising the growth potential of the digital economy.

The review of the EU regulatory telecommunications framework, including ePrivacy, as well as of the EU rules on copyright and on audiovisual media services, are part of the 16 concrete actions set out by the Commission in its communication.

In May 2017, the Commission adopted a mid-term review Communication which identifies three main areas where further EU action is needed: the European Data Economy, cybersecurity and online platforms. In May 2018 the Commission presented, in the form of a communication, the remaining DSM actions for 2018 in order to accelerate the completion of the strategy.

Cable Europe is closely following and supporting the European Commission in its efforts to deliver a Digital Single Market.