How do we ensure investment
in networks?

It is well recognised that investment in high speed data networks is key for stimulating growth and supporting a thriving economy. In the European Union, the cable industry has invested massively over the last decade to offer EU citizens and businesses excellent broadband, TV and telephony services. The cable industry continues to invest further as demand for digital TV and bandwidth-hungry internet applications grows.

In 2012, 110 million European households were “NGA-enabled[1]”. 74% of these NGA households were delivered by cable[2].  By 2020, 55% of all EU households will be able to get access to a cable service offering 30 Mbps and higher[3]. These statistics show the role played by technology in driving the modernisation of European broadband networks. The investments made by cable are directly stimulating further upgrades of the telecoms networks in a virtuous cycle.

As modern networks are essential for the overall economy, policy makers have a vital role in ensuring that further private investments are made by cable, and by the telecoms sector as a whole, by supporting an investment friendly regulatory environment.

[1] NGA: next generation networks offering at least 30 Mbps internet speed
[2] European Commission, Digital Agenda Scoreboard
[3] Solon – Broadband on Demand, 2011