European Electronic Communications Code largely preserves effective status quo

European Electronic Communications Code largely preserves effective status quo
06/06/2018 Carol Ward

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Fibre-powered cable set for gigabit future

Brussels, 6th June 2018: As the European Union reaches a political agreement on the draft Electronic Communications Code, Matthias Kurth, Executive Chairman of Cable Europe, speaks of the outcomes.

“The review of the telecommunications framework is a major effort, at the same time bundling and modernising the existing pieces of legislation with the objective of making the framework fit for the future. We welcome the fact that the new Code sticks to proven principles and objectives, and will be aligned with strict competition law principles. The decision makers have resisted any suggestion of creating sector-specific rules or redefining the market power concept – which would have come at enormous risk.

“We were concerned about the debate on some of the provisions, in particular on the so-called symmetric access rules. It now appears that this provision will only be applied under strict conditions and in exceptional circumstances. That is essential, because a consistent and harmonised application of the law is key to the creation of the Digital Single Market. Access to networks should not be granted lightly and incentives to invest should remain front and centre of the policy framework. We’re pleased to see that implementation of the Code will come with strong supervision from the European Commission and BEREC.

“Whether the revised framework will bring the benefits that were intended with its design depends very much on the implementation by the member states and national regulators. The focus now is on Europe’s gigabit future, and with our high-speed network infrastructure and great services it’s a brighter future than ever.  Cable’s fibre-rich networks are all set to deliver on the demands of a connected society and will bring a digitally empowered future to citizens and businesses alike.  We’re ready for the next chapter.”


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