“Delivering a Connected Future”

“Delivering a Connected Future”
09/01/2019 Carol Ward

Download PDF file: “Delivering a Connected Future”

Europe’s broadband cable industry calls for a refreshed policy framework to deliver a seamless connected future

Brussels 09 January 2019: Cable Europe has today launched a White Paper with specific policy recommendations to develop and deliver the broadband infrastructure of the future.

The paper is designed to inform and support EU policy through the election cycle of 2019 and the five-year mandate to come.  It places in social, economic and technological context the challenges of framing the EU legislative agenda for the digitally connected future.

Policy recommendations cover:

  • Developing a network infrastructure which customers can trust to deliver security in the internet ecosystem
  • How to achieve the ubiquitous connectivity and network reliability which will deliver e-health, e-transport, e-governance and the endless possibilities of augmented reality
  • The role of private investment in infrastructure and innovation to reduce pressure on the public purse
  • The pan-European framework which will facilitate progress towards the gigabit society which is our common goal
  • How the convergence of fixed and mobile networks is key to delivering coverage, reliability and affordability fit for purpose today and tomorrow

The publication of the White Paper coincides with a global industry announcement made by CableLabs at CES in Las Vegas: 10G.  The 10G vision is of a seamlessly connected future of gigabit-enabled end-to-end infrastructure that will deliver internet speeds 10 times faster than today’s networks.  It’s the next great leap for broadband, with the power and capacity to change the way we live, work and play.

Cable Europe Executive Chairman Matthias Kurth said: “Europe’s gigabit future will depend upon very high capacity connectivity.  Cable’s fibre-powered broadband is already bringing state-of-the-art technology to European homes, and we are set to play our part in investing and innovating for the unprecedented possibilities to come.

In partnership with our policy makers, we are ready to realise the 10G vision.  Our White Paper contains our recommendations to bring this about.  We look forward to realising our joint aspirations for a digitally connected society.”

Cable Europe’s White Paper “Delivering a Connected Future” can be downloaded here.

More information on the 10G initiative can be downloaded here.

About Cable Europe

Cable Europe is the trade association that connects leading broadband cable TV operators and their national trade associations throughout the European Union. The regulatory and public policy activities of Cable Europe aim to promote and defend the industry’s policies and business interests at European and international level. The European cable industry provides high speed broadband internet, TV services, and telephony to more than 65.8 million homes in the European Union. www.cable-europe.eu

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