Cable News Autumn 2013

Cable News Autumn 2013
21/10/2013 Cable Europe

Kroes-aid for a Connected Continent

Times are challenging in Europe. And for some it is tempting to use a wide brush to paint a dark picture for the whole continent. While there are difficulties for some players in the ICT arena, it is too early to draw comparisons to a Lehman Brothers-style collapse for the sector. READ MORE ON PAGE 1

The Net Effect:

Cable is the new cinema. Or so AMC’s CEO Josh Sapan says in this issue of Cable News when talking about TV’s second golden age which many attribute to long-arc shows that define modern TV today. But Sapan calling cable TV the new cinema is more than just pithy CEO talk. It is shorthand for an evolution in how people watch television and connect to the internet. READ MORE ON PAGE 2

Vodafone Interest Says Cable Got It Right – Guest Article by IHS Guy Bisson

Technology is increasingly about mobility and choice, but there is a balance to be met. Now there is a new word for people who break off from a social interaction to answer a mobile phone or browse social media: Phubber, meaning mobile snubber. READ MORE ON PAGE 3

Episodes of Evolution: Slow-burn Drama, High Speed Connection

Cable News’ Gregg Svingen speaks here with Josh Sapan, President and CEO of AMC Networks, the company largely credited for changing modern television with groundbreaking slow-burning original scripted drama. An early adopter of VOD and a believer in working with OTT, Josh gives us an exclusive on TV’s second golden age. READ MORE ON PAGE 4

A Global Strategy for Innovation

CableLabs has been in existence for 25 years as the research and development consortium for the cable industry. The world has changed in those 25 years and CableLabs must serve a very different function than it did when it was first formed. READ MORE ON PAGE 6

In a Class of Its Own

As if London has a hard time buzzing, Cable Europe’s annual flagship conference came in to town with guns blazing to put on a Cable Congress that was in a class of its own. All of the elements were in place to make what our competitors must have seen as a perfect storm and what attendees called the best Cable Congress to date. READ MORE ON PAGE 7

Explosion of Connected Devices

EU data on Connected Devices presented by IHS READ MORE ON PAGE 8