Cable Europe’s Preliminary Views on the Digital Single Market Strategy

Cable Europe’s Preliminary Views on the Digital Single Market Strategy
22/04/2015 Carol Ward

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22 April 2015

Cable Europe welcomes the Commission’s work towards a Digital Single Market and looks forward to collaborating with the Commission and the widest range of stakeholders as an effective strategy is developed for this vitally important area of Europe’s digital future.

We support the creation of a single market where citizens and businesses can access and engage in online activities irrespective of their nationality or location. We believe this will be a welcome stimulus for jobs, growth, competition and innovation within Europe’s borders, which in turn encourages European success on a global scale.

A single market for goods and services will encourage many more European start-ups to emerge, and strengthen existing SMEs. Consumers can and should be able to buy any product from any European country without barriers. This will of course benefit consumers but also help to promote cultural diversity by providing the necessary scale to businesses to operate at home and across borders. A Digital Single Market will both help the European economy to flourish, and further stimulate digital take-up in Europe.

The strategy itself will by necessity be extremely wide ranging, and will cover a number of topics of interest and concern to our industry, ranging from issues of consumer trust through to cybersecurity and the treatment of data. At this early stage and before the detailed proposals for the Commission’s initiative are available for discussion however, we would like to share the following in-principle thoughts about the Digital Single Market Strategy on audiovisual content and copyright, the revision of the telecom rules, and the intermediaries liabilities exemption.