Cable Europe’s Kurth Highlights Importance of Private Investment in Broadband Infrastructure

Cable Europe’s Kurth Highlights Importance of Private Investment in Broadband Infrastructure
16/01/2015 Carol Ward

Brussels, 16 January 2015: Cable Europe, the trade association representing broadband cable operators, today participated in a roundtable meeting hosted by EU Commissioner Oettinger to discuss the Commission’s investment plan for rolling out high speed digital networks. At the meeting, Cable Europe Executive Chairman Matthias Kurth stressed to industry and institutional representatives the critical role played by private investment in broadband infrastructure development.

Kurth highlighted the importance of private investment in growing and upgrading cable networks to date, and thus in stimulating further investment in the market by competitive platforms. He argued that the European Commission’s Digital Agenda targets for 2020 were proportionate, but that the right regulatory framework remained of fundamental importance in allowing investment to continue and flourish.

“Cable operators are playing a major role in rolling out high speed digital networks” said Kurth today. “Cable has become the main challenger to the telco incumbents in most EU member states, and the massive investments cable operators have devoted to upgrading the networks during the last 10-15 years have resulted in cable leading the charge in terms of NGA coverage.

“Competition combined with light touch regulation is the key to private investment and technological innovation – recent history has already proven this to be true. When public funds are accessed, this should be to facilitate roll out in underserved and remote areas – bearing in mind that the principles of technology neutrality should be the basis for any policy initiative.

Europe is leading the way in digital development in innovation and infrastructure. The European Commission has a vital role in stimulating its continuation with the right legislative framework, and it will do so with our full support”.

Virginia Lee