Reaping the benefits of continuous investment


It was an economist who said that to be an investor you have to be a believer in a better tomorrow.   A hard-headed man of money and markets, and yet talking in terms of dreams, of ambitions.

Those words resonate strongly with me. The European cable industry has been investing in a better tomorrow for many years.  New market data collated by Arthur D Little shows the tangible results . ADL’s analysis states that the speed of cable connections is the most reliable of available technologies when comparing advertised and actual downloads speeds.  Real results, real benefits, value straight to the consumer.

This level of quality has been reached through a continuous investment in technology and in innovation, constantly keeping pace with ever changing consumer habits and behaviours.  According to the ADL statistics, cable operators invest more in their products than other operators, with a higher capex / sales ratio than either incumbent telecom networks or the alternative networks on offer.   It’s a track record of which our members are rightly proud.

And tomorrow?  Industry and the European Institutions have a shared ambition to deliver a digital future to our citizens.  New connectivity goals set milestones to realise a connected continent.  This is where the benefits of our continuous investment really kick in.  Europe’s diverse social demographics and geography require a range of solutions.  They need to be smart, fit for purpose today and tomorrow, high quality and good value. Cable – already available to half of European households – will deliver performance equal to FTTH and 5G before 2020.

Thankfully, there is therefore more than one way to deliver the gigabit society.  What works in urban areas doesn’t work for outlying rural areas, and what’s proportionate in residential areas isn’t the same in a business park . I applaud the Commission on the connectivity package.  But I urge the Council and the European Parliament to hold firm in supporting investments by all types of operators.  By upholding technology neutral policies moving forwards, industry can in turn deliver on these commendable ambitions.

Cable’s investment places us firmly in the forefront of a connected society both today and tomorrow.  As our Gigasphere technology rolls out, we’ll play a crucial role in offering very high capacity networks across the continent.  That’s not just a belief in the future – it’s a commitment to it.


Matthias Kurth

Executive Chairman

Cable Europe