ADL research flags need for investment-friendly policy framework in Europe

ADL research flags need for investment-friendly policy framework in Europe
20/09/2017 Carol Ward

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  • New Arthur D. Little research estimates that gigaspeed technologies could generate a market worth at least €250 billion per year in Europe by 2025
  • The leading consultancy predicts that this revolutionary growth will happen only within a public policy framework which stimulates investment
  • Cable Europe’s Kurth calls on EU Institutions to respond with proportionate rules in Electronic Communications Code

Brussels, 20th September 2017

New research from Arthur D. Little has put an economic estimate on the value of the market generated by gigaspeed technologies.  The report “Unlocking GigaWorld Innovation”, which was commissioned by Liberty Global, offers a glimpse into the future where widespread access to gigabit internet speeds generates billions of Euros for the European economy, and trillions globally.

The report estimates that, under the right circumstances, the GigaWorld innovation cycle will unlock a market of at least €250 billion per year in Europe by 2025.  At a global level, the value is expected to be €1.3 – 3.5 trillion per year.

However, the research notes that this success will depend on the room its innovation cycle will be given to function, to allow new innovative applications and devices to be developed, and new monetisation models to be adopted.  The report also highlights the importance of network upgrades to this innovation cycle. A key factor will be the “predictability and clarity of the public policy framework to stimulate all actors to invest in the GigaWorld and to experiment with new business models.”

Speaking as the report was published today, Matthias Kurth, Executive Chairman of Cable Europe said: “At this precise moment Members of the European Parliament and representatives of the EU Member States are taking key decisions with a fundamental impact upon the success of this GigaWorld economy. The message from this report is clear. The draft Electronic Communications Code must stimulate, not stifle investment.

Let’s not jeopardise our future success with unnecessary barriers to continued investment, competition and innovation”.



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Liberty Global’s press statement (link)

ADL report “Unlocking GigaWorld Innovation” (link)

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